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Pocket Bitcoin integration

We are proud to announce our partnership with Pocket Bitcoin. From today BitBox users can enjoy the convenience of buying bitcoin directly in the BitBoxApp using Pocket.

Pocket is a non-custodial broker of bitcoin, meaning you send them fiat and they send you bitcoin in return. It’s as simple as that. When using Pocket in the BitBoxApp, the bitcoin gets sent directly to your wallet.

Through Pocket, BitBox users in Europe can buy bitcoin up to 950€ per day without an extensive KYC process . This means you don’t need to provide identity documents to start using the service. Just make a bank transfer and you’re done! Moreover, stacking sats with Pocket is easy because it supports standing orders, making it a convenient way to dollar cost average.

The service accepts EUR, GBP and CHF bank transfers. For more details on this new integration, please read our dedicated announcement.

Exchange overview

Our redesigned "Buy Crypto"/"Buy Bitcoin" page now shows you multiple options for purchasing Crypto/Bitcoin and their respective differences. The BitBoxApp will now display which providers  you can choose from depending on your location and preferred method of payment.

Various improvements

To make the BitBoxApp look and feel even more modern, we have more UI improvements in this release. This includes better looking dropdown menus, removal of the white top bar, a 'receive' button after the initial setup, the side menu going fullscreen on mobile and various more improvements.

The BitBoxApp will now also automatically recover from a corrupt headers database, which can happen if the host device is shut down during a database-write.

You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog on GitHub.

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