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Dark Mode

It’s finally here, as requested by many users, you can now view the BitBoxApp in dark mode! This option makes viewing the BitBoxApp in dark environments easier on the eyes by changing the theme to one using darker colors. Some people also just prefer the overall darker look.

The desktop app in dark mode

Of course you can use dark mode both on desktop and mobile. The BitBoxApp will automatically switch the theme depending on what you are currently using on your operating system. You can also manually activate or deactivate dark mode in the settings.

The mobile app in dark mode

Touch sensor improvement

Some BitBox02 users reported occasional issues with the touch sensors. With the help of affected users, we found that the issue was a miscalibration of the bottom right touch sensor (usb plug on the left) in certain environments. If the user didn’t touch the sensor exactly straight, the input could be registered as a slide instead of a click.

The touch sensor accuracy was improved

The newest firmware fixes this by improving the sensors calibration. If you used to have occasional touch issues and still experience them after this update, please reach out to us!

Various improvements

  • The BitBoxApp will now scale properly on HiDPI screens when using a Linux-based operating system.
  • You can now set a custom fee rate if transaction fee estimates are unavailable, even if the option is disabled in the settings.
  • The BitBox02 will now warn you if the fee is higher than 10% of the transaction amount when sending.
  • Deprecated ETH Testnets Rinkeby and Ropsten have been removed and Goerli added.

You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog on GitHub.

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Shift Crypto is a privately-held company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team of Bitcoin contributors, crypto experts, and security engineers builds products that enable customers to enjoy a stress-free journey from novice to mastery level of cryptocurrency management. The BitBox02, our second generation hardware wallet, lets users store, protect, and transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease - along with its software companion, the BitBoxApp.

Image attribution: “Blümlisalphütte and the Milky Way” by Deralpinbergsteiger / CC-BY-SA 4.0