We designed the BitBox02 to make secure storage of your Bitcoin as easy as possible. Once you set up your BitBox02, your funds are kept safe and backed up, and that is great peace of mind.

However, like other electronic devices, the BitBox02 can be damaged by accidents. That's why we are introducing a new supplementary offering: BitBoxCare.

Accidental damage protection

Accidents can happen to anyone, even the most careful of users. A hardware wallet like the BitBox02 can be dropped or damaged in many ways. With BitBoxCare, you can rest assured that your device is protected against these occurrences. If your BitBox02 does get damaged, simply contact our support team to initiate a replacement. With BitBoxCare, you'll have extra peace of mind knowing that you will be up and running again within days.

Extended warranty

Our hardware wallet comes already with a two-year warranty worldwide, but here at BitBox we like to think beyond “standard”. BitBoxCare allows you to extend the warranty of your BitBox02 from two to four years.

Priority support with BitBoxCare Plus

We pride ourselves with one of the best support in the space and we strive to get back to our customers requests within a couple of days. But we understand sometimes even shorter response times are important, so we are giving you the extra option of choosing priority support via BitBoxCare Plus. This ensures that you'll get faster assistance from our support team if you have any questions or issues with your BitBox02. You will receive a reply to your email within the next business day.

Benefits summary


  • 2 additional years of warranty, extending the total warranty period to 4 years
  • Accidental damage protection (with small deductible)


  • 2 additional years of warranty, extending the total warranty period to 4 years
  • Accidental damage protection (with small deductible)
  • Priority support for even faster assistance

How to get BitBoxCare

Getting BitBoxCare is easy. You can purchase it during checkout when buying a BitBox02. Alternatively, if you already own a BitBox02, you can also purchase BitBoxCare via your order details page.

Once you purchase BitBoxCare, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your warranty extension, accidental damage protection, and priority support. You can read the full details on the BitBoxCare packages on this page.

Don’t own a BitBox yet?

Keeping your crypto secure doesn't have to be hard. The BitBox02 hardware wallet stores the private keys for your cryptocurrencies offline. So you can manage your coins safely.

The BitBox02 also comes in Bitcoin-only version, featuring a radically focused firmware: less code means less attack surface, which further improves your security when only storing Bitcoin.

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Shift Crypto is a privately-held company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team of Bitcoin contributors, crypto experts, and security engineers builds products that enable customers to enjoy a stress-free journey from novice to mastery level of cryptocurrency management. The BitBox02, our second generation hardware wallet, lets users store, protect, and transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease - along with its software companion, the BitBoxApp.