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This month's Brienz update brings you child key support and a couple new features and improvements.

Child keys

With this update, you are going to be able to create child keys on your BitBox02. A child key is a separate seed that has been derived from your BitBox02 seed. These child keys are 12 to 24 words in length and can be used to onboard friends and families without the risk of them losing access to their coins in case they lose their backup. They can also be used to create separate wallets for different purposes. 

Using child keys to derive new seeds from the existing BitBox02 seed.

As this is an expert feature, we recommend only to create child keys if you understand how they work. It is important to keep in mind that the owner of the main wallet continues to have access to all child keys created from it. 

The creation of child keys is standardised and follows BIP-85. This means that the recovery of these child keys is compatible with all wallets that support BIP-85 and does not rely on the BitBox02.

Random sorting of inputs and outputs

When creating a new transaction, chances are high that several inputs and outputs are included in it. The order of those inputs and outputs can have negative implications for on-chain privacy. As an example, if a wallet uses a very recognisable and unique sorting method, it would be easier to fingerprint certain transactions and the user behind them to this wallet type.

Because of this, the BitBoxApp previously followed the standardised approach of sorting transaction inputs and outputs in lexicographic order (BIP-69). However, the adoption of this standard is quite limited, which is why it is not as effective as it could be.

The new update replaces this alphabetic sorting method with a randomised approach. This means that the order of inputs and outputs in transactions created with your BitBox02 are fully random now, making blockchain fingerprinting harder and improving the user’s privacy.

Bootloader update

This BitBox update also contains a maintenance update to the bootloader firmware. The bootloader update needs to happen independently, which is why you will see two updates taking place one after another. To make sure the update goes smoothly, please make sure not to unplug the BitBox02 during the entire update process. 

Smaller features and fixes

This version also comes with a few smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • Scanning a QR code will now use a full screen camera instead of a smaller window.
  • Uploading required documents to MoonPay on Android will now work again.
  • Closing and reopening the BitBoxApp on Android could previously result in a crash. This behaviour is fixed with this version.

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