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An easy to use, professional Bitcoin & Lightning full node to equip you for Bitcoin sovereignty.

(project currently on hold)

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While hardware wallets provide security, they do not provide privacy. Your entire financial history is potentially visible to the company that queries the Bitcoin blockchain for you.

The BitBoxBase project was started with the goal of building a best-in-class plug & play Bitcoin and Lightning full node, to improve overall privacy when receiving and sending funds, provide the authoritative truth about blockchain data like transactions or address balances by validating these independently. The BitBoxBase acts as a personal 24/7 Lightning Network client with an intuitive Lightning wallet to send and receive funds through the BitBoxApp.

The BitBoxBase is currently on pause. The project is of high interest to us, and we hope to jump in when the timing is right. The BitBoxBase was community developed and open from its beginning, and we encourage and support this continuing.