BitBox02 reviews

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Bitcoin Magazine (in English)

It's crystal clear on the OLED screen when you're signing a transaction.

Marc Friedrich (in German)

[Translated]: Made in Switzerland, the alpine fortress for your Bitcoin.

CryptoDad (in English)

I highly recommend it as a way to safely store your cryptocurrencies.

Hard Rock Crypto (in Italian)

[Translated]: We gave a nice overview of this hardware wallet, in my opinion a very, very valid/convincing one

BTC Sessions (in English)

I found it pretty easy to use. I really like the touch on it. That was actually quite easy to navigate and easier than I thought [when] typing out words and passphrases.

PC Magazine

[Translated]: If you want to manage your digital currencies securely, the BitBox02 Multi hardware wallet is a very good solution, because all security-relevant processes take place in the device, including password entry.

[Translated] The BitBox02 is the perfect hardware wallet for keeping your coins safe and is particularly well suited for investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. ... Moreover, the BitBox02 is perfect for beginners, as the setup of the BitBox02 is very easy to use via the BitBox app with small videos.


We agree that BitBox02 is a great hardware wallet that impresses with security features and ease of use, and is a great choice for your crypto funds.


…cold storage is just safer, easier and more sensible. The BitBox02 is built for exactly that – and it delivers.

Moj Kripto

[Translated]: BitBox02 Multi edition is a safe and reliable hardware crypto wallet intended for crypto beginners as well as advanced users. Simple installation of the device for work, and quick backup of the wallet to the microSD card makes the BitBox02 even more attractive. If you are looking for a proven and secure hardware wallet and if you are happy with the choice of supported cryptocurrencies then BitBox02 Multi edition is a good choice for you.

Bitcoin In The Club

[Translated]: When the user wants to create a transaction that the network will accept, he pushes it into this slot. Imagine that, on the other side of the slot, an elf does cryptographic magic that signs the transaction. The elf will never leave the vault, because there are no doors, and it cannot go through the slot. All it can do is receive transactions and send them back. Which means that hardware wallets offer security because the private keys never leave the device and are kept offline.



[Translated]: The BitBox02 is not only a clear upgrade to its predecessor, but also scores with a high product quality, an intuitive user experience and a fair price. Especially the security features (including backup creation via microSD card) are really appealing.


After setting up the BitBox02, I fell in love with the product. The setup process was super streamlined and the touch sensor buttons were much better than I expected them to be. I also enjoyed the fact that I didn't need to use a cable to plug the wallet into my laptop (even though one is provided).


[Translated]: In my eyes, BitBox02 impresses with its extremely simple setup and probably the highest security standards among hardware wallets.


[Translated]: The BitBox is a beautiful object, easy to handle, with an original backup on an SD card. The Shift Crypto team is constantly improving the security, also its software is open source.


[Translated]: The BitBox02 is a very secure, intuitive hardware wallet made by the Swiss company Shift Crypto. It is especially characterized its high level of security and Shift Crypto has good expert knowledge in the field of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies…

The touch gestures work very reliably and are really fun with the hardware wallet. The display always remains clearly visible and the visual feedback fits perfectly with the gestures.

Benzinga Money

Shift Crypto makes a fantastic product for those looking for extensive security and ease of use. [...] It's easy to get the device up and running, even for a hardware wallet beginner.

The Cryptonomist

The interface and the interaction mechanism with the wallet are very nice and ingenious, allowing users to use the device in a simple, precise and fast way, as well as offering better possibilities for the choice of the password.


We would recommend the BitBox02 to anyone who needs a solid device for securing cryptocurrency.


The BitBox02 touts itself as a "simple and secure" solution for HODL'ers seeking to realize the power of cold storage, enabling users to begin securing their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within just 2 minutes (count it!).

Bitcoin MagazineNL

[Translated]: The BitBox02 comes in a bitcoin only version that supports only BTC and a multi version that supports more cryptocurrencies (including ether). The device looks "slick" and works seamlessly with the BitBoxApp.


[Translated]: The BitBox02 is best used as a Bitcoin-only hardware wallet. That means that as few other firmware and updates as possible are carried out to support other coins. This makes the BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition the best and most secure Bitcoin hardware wallet on the market.


[Translated]: After our test, we like the BitBox02 hardware wallet extremely well. The design is appealing and does not directly give away that it is a hardware wallet. It takes less than five minutes to set up and handling by tapping, swiping or holding the touch sensors on the long sides of the device is easy and intuitive. The double backup option via microSD card and mnemonic seed effectively reduces the risk of losing access to the wallet.

Bitcoin 21

[Translated]: The BitBox02 is one of the most focused hardware wallets. A simple usability concept, and clean software. Behind it there's a company that stands for Bitcoin like few others do in the space. It is especially easy to recommend this wallet because it does not support shitcoins. Price-wise, it is above other wallets, which might scare off some beginners. However, its price is more than justified in our opinion, since its features compete with the top models from other manufacturers. [...] BitBox is a very good solution for storing and sending bitcoins securely. This discreet wallet convinced us and we see no reason not to recommend it.


[Translated]: Honestly? We are thrilled with the BitBox02. The device outshines its competitors in terms of usability, security, and product features. This Swiss Made hardware wallet not only protects your coins from external attacks, but also offers intuitive usability. The possibility to save the seed on the included SD card simplifies the backup process and encourages users to create several backups at once. Clearly, the BitBox02 was designed by professionals; anyone who holds BTC, ETH or LTC can't go wrong with ShiftCrypto's cold storage solution.


[Translated]: The device is well designed and the interaction with it is 10/10. Tapping, sliding and holding down non-existent buttons gives it a premium feel. The usability is delightful.[...] As of writing (Nov, 19) the BitBox02 to me seems the best option to choose for someone who has just started getting into the Bitcoin/Crypto world but currently only uses software wallets (Coinbase, BlueWallet, Muun, Samourai, Wasabi) and decides to improve their security without the complexity of using a ColdCard.

Computer Bild

[Translated]: Most secure wallet in the test.


The BitBox02 stands firm on its foundations of privacy, freedom, and transparency, being appropriately based in Switzerland, having a bitcoin-only version, and keeping everything open-source without compromising on its intuitive user interface.

Athena Alpha

BitBox have managed to put bleeding edge, advanced security into a totally noob friendly point and click package. Inside its deceptively simple and ordinary packaging, they’ve brought a world class Bitcoin hardware wallet experience to the table and it should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to storing your crypto assets.

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