Steelwallet Pro

Reusable Bitcoin backup lasting generations

Steelwallet Pro

Is your wallet backup safe from fire, water, and other extreme conditions?
Steelwallet Pro is the only metal backup solution you'll ever need to protect your precious coins.

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Heavy-duty protection for generations to come

Creating a backup of your Bitcoin and crypto wallet is very important. It ensures that your funds can be restored even if you lose or break your hardware wallet.

Designed in Switzerland, the Steelwallet Pro ensures a secure and discreet backup of your wallet recovery words. This robust metal backup is engineered to be heavy and durable, capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions and natural disasters. It's also reusable, so you can conveniently make changes to your wallet setup in the future at no additional cost.


Swiss design


Designed for precision and reliability

Checkmark Swiss Engineering
Swiss design


Easily update your backup if your wallet setup changes

Checkmark Lasting generations
Steelwallet Meteor

Heavy and durable

Built to resist fire, water, and physical impacts

Checkmark High-quality stainless steel
Ageing Resistant

Secure closure

Includes a screw and tamper-evident stickers, making unauthorized access visible at a glance

Checkmark Peace of mind


Supports recovery phrases with up to 24 words, following industry wallet standards

Checkmark BIP-39 compatible
Steelwallet Pro contents

Built to last



What types of private keys can be stored using Steelwallet Pro?


Up to 24 recovery words ("seed phrase") following industry standards like BIP-39, SLIP-39 or LND aezeed can be backed up with Steelwallet Pro.


What if my recovery words are longer than four letters?


Only the first four letters are needed to uniquely identify the word from the BIP-39 word list. The first four letters allow to determine the entire word in the list. Some wallets like the BitBox02 automatically complete the word for you once you've entered the first few characters.


Are there enough letter tiles included?


Yes, there are multiple tiles available for each letter, depending on their frequency in the BIP-39 word list. Randomly created recovery phrases can be pieced together with plenty of tiles to spare.


Can the letter tiles fall out of the Steelwallet Pro?


No, the letter tiles are securely locked in place using spring plungers at the end of each groove. They have to be pressed down with force to add or remove tiles, preventing tiles from sliding out accidentally.


What happens if my Steelwallet Pro gets stolen?


Whoever has access to your recovery words, gains full control over your wallet. In case your Steelwallet Pro gets stolen, you should immediately withdraw your funds from your hardware wallet and transfer it to a new wallet that has a different seed.


Do the left-over letter tiles reveal information about the backup?


The remaining sets of letter tiles reveal which letters were used for the Steelwallet Pro backup, but without any information about the exact words or their order. The amount of possible combinations is so large that the effect is negligible and not a relevant security factor.

Different backup options at a glance

microSD card
mircoSD backup card
Backup card
Backup card laminated booklet /backupcard/
Steelwallet /steelwallet/
Steelwallet Pro
Steelwallet Pro /steelwallet-pro/
Tamper-evident bags
Tamper-evident security bags /tamper-evident-bags/
When to use
Standard backup method for the BitBox02, quick and reliable
Professional, ageing-resistant for long-term wallet backups that are kept in a safe place
Durable backup that is designed to survive pretty much anything
Heavy-duty reusable steel backup lasting generations
Protection against undetected access and hidden tampering


Steelwallet Pro

Retail package contains: Steelwallet Pro, 4 letter sets with 64 tiles each, 1 screw (including Allen key), 2 tamper-evident stickers

Compatibility: Any wallet using a compatible word list (e.g. BIP-39), up to 24 words

Dimensions retail package: 130 x 55 mm (770g)

Dimensions Steelwallet Pro: 100 x 30 mm (480g)