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With today's update, the BitBox02 receives support for Miniscript, a security fix and various smaller enhancements that improve the usability within the BitBoxApp.

Security update

In the BitBox02 8.0.0 firmware update we had released a fix to an issue that allowed an attacker to trick users into paying excessive fees when sending bitcoin. During internal testing, our engineers found that the fix could be circumvented. This release patches this issue.

As the bug was found by our own team and was not reported through our bug bounty program, we have no reason to believe that anyone was aware of it before. We still urge you to update your BitBox02 firmware to receive this security bug fix.

Miniscript support

To improve the BitBox02’s compatibility with future self custody solutions, we have added Miniscript support to the BitBox02’s firmware. Miniscript is a Bitcoin scripting language that enables and simplifies more complex spending conditions, such as decaying multi-signature wallets which can be used to create recovery options, among other things.

Easily register miniscript policies on your BitBox02

Wallets such as Liana or Anchorwatch use Miniscript to offer their clients powerful self custody solutions that use onchain timelocks for recovery paths and inheritance. They will both offer BitBox02 support in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Miniscript is, we have written an entire blog post series about it! You can find the first part here.

Improved bitcoin and litecoin amounts

In the recent Bellinzona update, we have added the possibility to display bitcoin amounts in satoshis to improve readability. Now we have improved the legibility of amounts for bitcoin and litecoin without the need to change the unit.

Bitcoin and litecoin amounts will now be displayed with the correct amount of trailing zeroes, so you can easily convert from bitcoin to sats.

Display root fingerprint

The root fingerprint is shown in the device information section

The BitBoxApp will now be able to show the root fingerprint of the currently used wallet. The root fingerprint is a unique identifier for the wallet currently in use. It does not contain sensitive data and lets you easily distinguish between different wallets if you use multiple passphrases.

You can find the root fingerprint within the device settings.

Additional improvements

Other improvements to the BitBox02 experience include:

  • Allow ETH transaction with zero data + amount
  • Allow marking non-change bitcoin transaction outputs as internal
  • Allow exporting the xpub at any keypath after user confirmation

You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog on GitHub.

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Photo by Friedrich-Karl Mohr