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We named this release after the spectacular Planura cabin, which is surrounded by glaciers. The view from the cabin goes across a vast expanse from the Bernese Alps to the imposing Tödi summit. With winter approaching, the cabin is a great starting point for ski mountaineering, high alpine, and glacier tours.


This release adds support to the Cardano blockchain platform and its native cryptocurrency ADA. You can now transact, hold, and even stake ADA. All with the proven security of your BitBox02 hardware wallet and the ease-of-use of AdaLite wallet.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is the biggest blockchain platform secured by Proof-of-Stake. It intends to improve the Ethereum idea, providing a programmable platform for smart contracts. Compared to Bitcoin, it accepts different tradeoffs, adopting a less conservative path to focus on flexibility, sustainability, and scalability.

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How can I use Cardano with my BitBox02?

The BitBox02 uses the AdaLite wallet to transact with the Cardano blockchain. AdaLite communicates directly with the hardware wallet, like the BitBoxApp, and your keys never leave the device.

New AdaLite wallet secured by the BitBox02 

Learn more in our AdaLite guide article.

More context for the optional passphrase

The optional passphrase is a powerful feature to add another layer of security to your BitBox02 and backups. But it’s also not easily understood, and with the potential to lock you out of your wallet.

We don’t recommend this feature unless you’re an advanced user, with a good grasp on how it works and what its implications are. This is why we give more context, almost a mini-course, when you enable this feature. We want to make sure you know what you’re doing, and warn you in clear words that the optional passphrase comes with additional backup burdens.

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Shift Team

Shift Crypto is a privately-held company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team of Bitcoin contributors, crypto experts, and security engineers builds products that enable customers to enjoy a stress-free journey from novice to mastery level of cryptocurrency management. The BitBox02, our second generation hardware wallet, lets users store, protect, and transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease - along with its software companion, the BitBoxApp.