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Satoshi mode

This one has been a much requested feature. As bitcoins value rises, it becomes more common to denominate transactions in its smallest denomination: satoshis (or ‘sats’ for short).

The BitBoxApp in satoshi mode

One hundred million satoshis equals one bitcoin. This scale makes it much easier to use for smaller transactions, such as 100 satoshi instead of 0.00000100 BTC.

You can find the option in the BitBoxApp settings

In addition to showing satoshis in the app, the amounts on the BitBox02 will also be displayed satoshis when enabling this feature.

Mobile UI updates

To make the BitBoxApp feel even better on mobile, we’ve included some improvements for the Android app.

The old and the new portfolio page

The generic green of the navigation bar is now white to match with the BitBoxApp design.

A bigger change comes with the new style of the portfolio chart. The new chart is now optimized for mobile by making better use of the space, giving the app a more modern feel. To see historic values of your portfolio, just long press and drag along the chart!

Fiat value at time of transaction

Speaking of historic values, we’ve added the option to see what the fiat value of your transaction was when it was sent!

You can find this information in the expanded view of each transaction.

Authenticity check

When you connect your BitBox02 to the host device, the BitBoxApp automatically checks if it is talking to an authentic BitBox02. Because this happens in the background, some people might not even be aware of this security feature.

The authenticity check in the device settings

To give the user peace of mind about the authenticity of their device, we added the status of the authenticity check in the ‘Manage device’ tab of the BitBoxApp.

Arabic language support

The BitBoxApp in Arabic

Arabic is the latest addition to the list of supported languages in the BitBoxApp. Supporting more languages furthers our mission of making self sovereignty accessible to everyone.

Various improvements

Compatibility with Taproot transactions in Sparrow wallet has been fixed by allowing arbitrary input sequence numbers.

We fixed a bug that showed the time in UTC instead of local time when restoring a backup on Android.

Sending ERC20 without enough Ether will now show a proper error message.

Bitcoin and Litecoin amounts will now show trailing zeroes.

Removed the Ethereum Ropsten and Rinkeby testnet networks as they have been shut down. Instead, the Goerli testnet was added.

You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog and firmware changelog on GitHub.

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