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With today's Fletschhorn update the BitBoxApp receives support for a novel Bitcoin insurance, and the BitBox02 support for enhanced verifiable seed generation and self transfer validation.


The BitBox02 is built to secure your bitcoin against a wide range of threats. It employs advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard against physical access and online risks, effectively protecting your assets from cyber threats and technical failures. However, securing against real-world physical threats - that can’t be counteracted solely with technology - presents a different spectrum of challenges.

That’s why we have partnered up with Bitsurance - a German Bitcoin startup that lets you insure your wallet against threats like $5 wrench attacks, theft, flooding or house fire. All this while you remain fully in control of your funds.

You can insure your accounts from within the BitBoxApp

BitBox users from Germany can now insure their Bitcoin wallet right from within the BitBoxApp by clicking on the “Insurance” button in the side bar and following the setup steps.

For more information, please read our dedicated partnership announcement.

Verifiable seed generation

Users that don’t want to rely on the built-in seed generation of the BitBox02 and prefer to roll dice to create their seed could until now only use 24 word long seeds. With firmware version 9.16.0, 12 and 18 word seeds that are manually entered on the BitBox02 will also automatically display only valid seed words for the 12th and 18th word respectively.

The reason for this is that the last word of a seed phrase is used as a checksum to verify the correctness of a given seed. This checksum word cannot be manually calculated and needs to be generated by a trusted device.

Self-transfer validation

Users that send transactions to themselves, such as transferring funds to another address on the same account, can now verify that the address they are sending to belongs to the same BitBox02 wallet. The words“This BitBox02:'' will appear before the address to indicate that the address belongs to the same BitBox02 wallet. This makes it easier to verify your own address when consolidating your transactions.

Please note that this feature does not work across different accounts.

Smaller features and fixes

With this version we are also introducing a number of smaller features and bug fixes:

  • Balances of individual devices are now shown in the portfolio overview
  • Screensaver is disabled when displaying a receive address, confirming a transaction, and other interactive actions (thank you, cstenglein!)
  • A disclaimer screen will show before the recovery words are displayed
  • Added Sepolia testnet for Ethereum
  • The warning about "unusual" sequence numbers in Bitcoin transactions has been removed
  • Added EIP-1559 transaction support for Ethereum
  • Fix build on M-processor Apple machines
  • Replaced the deprecated Ethgasstation with Etherscan for fee estimation (including base + priority fee for EIP-1559)

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Shift Crypto is a privately-held company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team of Bitcoin contributors, crypto experts, and security engineers builds products that enable customers to enjoy a stress-free journey from novice to mastery level of cryptocurrency management. The BitBox02, our second generation hardware wallet, lets users store, protect, and transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease - along with its software companion, the BitBoxApp.