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It’s time for the last BitBox update of 2023. We’re bringing you new features that greatly improve the usability of your BitBox02. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Remember wallet

You asked – we listened. The newest version of the BitBoxApp can now remember your wallet and display your balances without plugging in your BitBox. This makes keeping track of your wallet easy and allows you to check whether transactions have arrived, even if you don’t have your BitBox02 with you.

Of course, your funds are always protected by the BitBox02. You still need the BitBox02 to sign a transaction and create a receive address. The BitBoxApp never learns your private keys and can only "watch" the wallet.

If you are using multiple BitBox devices, rest assured that the BitBoxApp can remember all of them at the same time. The navigation bar on the left side of the app shows you which accounts belong to which device. We have also added an indicator icon to show which BitBox is currently plugged in.

You can activate the feature by navigating to “Settings -> Manage accounts and switching on Remember wallet. Like all features, it works both on desktop and on the mobile version of the BitBoxApp.

Please note that for now, access to the BitBoxApp on desktop computers is not password protected. If you share your computer account with other people, they might be able to see your wallet balance and transaction. This is why the "Remember wallet" feature is purely opt-in and off by default. We will add password protection for the BitBoxApp on desktop computers in a future update.

Android screen lock

Users of the Android app can now add a lock screen to their BitBoxApp to protect their sensitive information from curious eyes. The lock uses the same authentication method as your phone lock screen, so you do not need to choose a separate password and are able to use your built-in fingerprint scanner. This feature also deactivates screenshots inside the BitBoxApp.

To activate the lock screen, go into the advanced settings of your Android BitBoxApp and enable Lock screen.

Hide amounts

Another new feature that helps to protect your privacy is the ability to hide amounts in the BitBoxApp. Sometimes you want to show something in the app without letting everyone know how many coins you have. With this feature activated, the BitBoxApp will blank out any balances that are shown and replace them with star characters.

You can enable the hide amounts toggle via Settings -> Appearance -> Allow hiding amounts. This will display the “hide amounts” toggle at the top of your account view.

Wallet Connect

Users of the BitBox02 Multi -Eedition are now able to connect their BitBox02 directly to Ethereum dApps via Wallet Connect. This allows you to interact with dApps without installing a browser extension wallet. All transaction information will need to be verified and confirmed securely on your BitBox02. The feature works on desktop and mobile devices.

To use your favorite Ethereum application with the BitBox02, open the BitBoxApp, choose Wallet Connect in an Ethereum account, then choose Wallet Connect in the dApp interface. This will open a dialog in the BitBoxApp and forward signing requests to the BitBox02.

Please note that only Ethereum mainnet transactions are supported via WalletConnect for now. To use EVM networks, please use the Rabby browser extension.

Season’s Greetings! 🎅🎄

As we count down the blocks to Christmas, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and the significant progress we were able to make to simplify financial sovereignty. These new features are a testament to our commitment to evolving with your needs, ensuring that managing your digital assets with the BitBox is not only secure but also convenient and intuitive.

We are grateful for your continuous support and feedback, which have been invaluable in shaping the BitBox that we know and love. Looking forward to the new year, we remain dedicated to continue building. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in 2024, and as always, feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for choosing BitBox – here's to a secure and prosperous year ahead!

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