For most of us, it’s important to know that you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin. Automatically buying a small amount regularly (called “dollar-cost averaging”, DCA) is a good recommendation, because it’s “set and forget”, without the stress involved when trying to time the market.

But what if you want to buy large amounts of bitcoin, say $100,000 or more?

  • First: You should have a secure way of storing your bitcoin. A software wallet on your mobile phone is not secure enough to hold this much value. Of course, we highly recommend the BitBox02 hardware wallet for this.
  • Second: Find a way to buy bitcoin that is comfortable for you. Regular exchanges work up to a certain amount, but it’s purely self-service. You need to go through the whole identification, buying, and withdrawing process without personal contact on the other end. And if your order is large enough, you just might end up moving the market price in the order book and paying a higher price than necessary. This is where “over-the-counter” (OTC) brokers come in: They offer personal assistance for buying bitcoin at a fixed price.

As a fellow Swiss company, we closely work together with Relai. Their specialty is to make buying small amounts of bitcoin very easy. Their new OTC offering, Relai Private, is geared toward investors that want to trade large volumes in Europe.

Relai Private provides you with a single point of contact to assist you with everything. They acquire your bitcoin from multiple sources to offer the best market rate and offer advice when it comes to securing your bitcoin.


What do we like best? If you mention that you’ve heard about them from us at BitBox, you’ll get a limited BitBox02 Relai edition for free, including the “carefree backup package” with additional accessories!

Common questions

Is Relai trustworthy?

Yes, Relai is a fully licensed and regulated Swiss company based in Zurich. Of course, we cannot vouch for them, as they are a separate company not affiliated with Shift Crypto.

Should I buy Bitcoin with Relai Private?

If you are looking to buy large amounts of bitcoin in Europe, Relai Private is a convenient service with a transparent fee structure. If the minimum order size of 100,000 EUR or CHF is not an obstacle for you, we recommend this service without hesitation.

Is Relai an anonymous service without KYC?

No. When buying bitcoin through the Relai app, there’s no additional “Know Your Customer” (KYC) identification process, because Relai only needs the information they get from the incoming bank transfer. This means that you don't need to upload any photo id or provide otherwise senstitive information. The Swiss market authorities are fine with this for orders up to ~1000 EUR. At Relai Private, as they only deal with orders above this threshold, there’s always a personal onboarding process with customer identification involved.

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