We're excited to announce a significant change that will simplify our company brand recognition. We are fully transitioning our branding from Shift Crypto to BitBox, aligning our name with our popular hardware wallet, the BitBox02. We believe this transition will bring both clarity and consistency, ensuring that everyone can easily find and refer to our products without any confusion.

What’s changing

Website and shop

Our website and online shop will now be found at the domains bitbox.swiss and bitbox.shop respectively, replacing the previous domains shiftcrypto.ch and shiftcrypto.shop. However, the domains shiftcrypto.ch and shiftcrypto.shop will remain active as proof of our identity, and forward to bitbox.swiss and bitbox.shop. Additional domains and tools, for example shiftcrypto.support, won’t be migrated for the time being.

Social media

The BitBox name will be the prominent brand used across platforms. Consolidating our brand under one name simplifies our messaging and eliminates confusion surrounding our product name. All of our social media handles will change to ‘BitBox’ or ‘BitBoxSwiss”, where ‘BitBox’ is not available.

Email addresses

All company email addresses will also be updated from @shiftcrypto.ch to @bitbox.swiss. Both the old and the new addresses will be working as long as needed to make sure we stay reachable.

Brand name vs. company name

While Shift Crypto AG will remain the name under which our company is registered, it will primarily be used for official purposes and substituted by BitBox in most customer-facing communications.

What does it mean for you?

BitBox02 users

For BitBox02 users, this transition won't have any impact on your experience. You can continue to use your hardware wallet without any changes. The only difference you may notice is when setting up a new device or downloading an update. The start page URL printed on the BitBox02 package - shiftcrypto.ch/start - will now redirect you to bitbox.swiss/download. Updates will be available for download at the same URL. Rest assured, your BitBox02 will function as it always has, providing high security for your funds.


For the time being, we have implemented a redirect mechanism, ensuring that existing affiliate links will continue to work seamlessly. We have also reached out directly to our affiliates via email and asked to update all links to reflect the new domain format: shiftcrypto.ch/?ref=your-ref should now be changed to bitbox.swiss/?ref=your-ref. We appreciate your cooperation during this transition.

Partners and resellers

We are personally reaching out to you with all the necessary updates and information to ensure a smooth continuation of our collaboration.


For any support inquiries, please reach out to us at [email protected]. The old support email address will remain active, so you can continue to contact us through either channel. We are committed to providing the same exceptional support and assistance you have come to expect from us.

Why are we making this change

Our decision to transition to the BitBox brand was driven by two main factors:

Clarity and trust

As one of the first steps in a user’s journey towards buying a hardware wallet, a website domain is very important. A domain that directly refers to the product name enhances trust and makes it easier for users to find us. This is especially important for a security company such as ours. A recurring example is that the extension .ch in the domain shiftcrypto.ch is sometimes mistakenly associated with China, lowering the trust towards our company and products.

Customer preference

Our community has consistently referred to us as BitBox, and aligning our brand name with their preference improves recognition and engagement.


The transition from Shift Crypto to BitBox represents an exciting new chapter for our company. By unifying our brand name and product name, we aim to deliver a more cohesive and seamless experience for our users.

We appreciate your support throughout this journey and look forward to continuing to provide you with the most secure and user-friendly hardware wallets in the industry.

If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for being a part of the BitBox community!

NOTE: This article is purposely hosted under the domain shiftcrypto.ch: this is to prove to you that we are in control of both domains and it’s us, the BitBox team, applying all these changes.