Customer support

BitBox support channels

We offer support and assistance via the following channels:

BitBox knowledgebase

We collect common questions and our answers in our online knowledgebase. It has become a great resource to check if you have specific questions.

It covers everything from setting up your BitBox, sending and receiving transactions to advanced features such as connecting your own full node.

Customer support

For any question not covered by our knowledgebase you can reach out to us via email.
We strive to get back to you within 2 business days.

If you'd like priority support check out BitBoxCare Plus or book a personal support call.


BitBoxCare and BitBoxCare Plus are our premium support and warranty packages for extra peace of mind.

Both packages extended the device warranty from two years to four years and provide accidental damage protection. Additionally BitBoxCare Plus also includes premium customer support.

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Personal support calls

Because we make the hardware, firmware and software, our experts understand how everything works together and can help with your specific requests in a video session.

Personal support calls are perfect for everyone wishing to directly speak to a BitBox expert. We can guide you through the setup process or just answer any BitBox or Bitcoin related question you have.

Bitcoin Starter Pack

What is Bitcoin, and why is it important? How can you buy and hold it securely? Learn this and much more with our beginner's guide, the free "Bitcoin starter pack" ebook.

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