Tamper-evident bags

Secure storage for peace of mind

Tamper-evident bags spread out

Protect your Bitcoin backups against undetected access and hidden tampering.

Why use a Tamper-evident security bag?

Is your Bitcoin backup safe? You might have stored it in a safe place, but how do you know that it has not been compromised?

Creating a backup of a cryptocurrency wallet is very important, but anyone who gains access to it can take possession of all the coins in your wallet. This does not even need to happen right away, it's possible to remotely move your funds months after someone made a copy of your backup, without physical access to your wallet.

Our Tamper-evident bags erase any doubt whether your Bitcoin backup has been accessed or not:

Comprehensive security

Comprehensive security

360 degree protection against all forms of undetected access, including safeguards against mechanical access, steam and moisture, heat, freezing and solvents

Easy to use

Easy to use

Quick to seal, with unique numbering and tear-off receipt, transparent material to check content



Strong seal, security seams and tear-resistant foil

Universal application

Universal application

Generic layout, transparent for visual checks and plenty of space for different items

BAM German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Tested security

Highest security standard as used by banks and government agencies, audited by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) to provide high security against manipulation.

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Detect tampering at a glance

Our tamper-evident security bags are very robust, but the key element is the security tape that allows to securely seal the bag with its content.

The security tape contains unique features so that you can quickly detect any attempt of opening the tamper-evident bag.


The security foil is destroyed on mechanical manipulation

Steam and moisture

The water-soluble ink smears and is wiped off when exposed to moisture


Attempts of melting the glue will change the color of the security tape


Any attempt to freeze and break the seal will discolor the security tape


Dissolving the glue wipes off the security print and discolors the tape

Proper usage is easy

Label the bag with a pen and then put all your confidential items inside. Remove the protective sheet that covers the adhesive and carefully close the security seal.

  • Tear-off receipt

    Keep a record of each bag and its unique number
  • Tamper-proof identification

    A sequential unique number, repeated under the glued security tape, prevents security bag replacement
  • Strong seams

    Double shrink-welded seams with micro security-print to protect against opening and resealing
  • Tear-resistant foil

    Strong LDPE foil for physical protection
  • Transparent material

    Visually check contents at any time
  • Easy to open

    Open the security bag with scissors by cutting along the dotted line
Tamper-evident bags usage

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Security made simple


Tamper-evident bags

Retail package contains: 5 tamper-evident security bags
Made in Germany from recycled LDPE foil

Size retail package: 160 × 240 mm

Size security bags: 195 × 265 mm + 30 mm slip

Inner dimensions: 180 x 210 mm

Weight: 50g