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Why buy crypto in the BitBoxApp?

Buying bitcoin and crypto from the BitBoxApp means the coins go directly to your wallet. This way you are not trusting an exchange to hold your coins. Once the coins arrive in your wallet, you are the sole owner.

Moreover, buying directly in the BitBoxApp means you don’t need to visit external websites, making the experience more convenient and less likely you will accidentally visit a phishing website.

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Worldwide coverage

Worldwide coverage

You can buy bitcoin and crypto directly in the BitBoxApp from almost any country in the world.

This is achieved by integrating two reputable on-ramp services, Pocket Bitcoin and MoonPay to offer great global coverage.

Various payment methods

You can buy crypto using a variety of payment methods.

This includes credit/debit card, SEPA/SEPA instant, GBP and CHF bank transfers.*

* Payment methods available depend on the service being used.

Various payment methods

Our on-ramps

We integrate two reputable on-ramps so you can choose the best service for you when buying directly in the BitBoxApp.

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Pocket Bitcoin

Based in Switzerland, Pocket is a simple and convenient way to buy Bitcoin. Simply make a bank transfer and they send bitcoin to your wallet.

With Pocket, you can buy up to 950 EUR/day worth of Bitcoin without an extensive KYC process. This means you don’t need to submit any documents when buying under this amount. Simply make the bank transfer and you’re done!

In addition, we worked with Pocket to make buying bitcoin even more secure, by including a second-factor authentication step when making your first order. This way you can check Pocket is sending your coins to the correct wallet.


MoonPay is one of the largest integrated crypto on-ramps in the world, serving more than 5 million customers.

It offers virtually global coverage with a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit card and bank transfer.

When paying with credit/debit card, your coins are sent to your wallet almost instantly after paying, making it a fast and convenient way to buy crypto.

With MoonPay you can buy all the cryptocurrencies supported in the BitBoxApp, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and ERC20 tokens.

Buy crypto in the BitBoxApp

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Pocket Bitcoin Moonpay
Available regions
Credit/Debit card
Bank transfer
SEPA/SEPA instant
CHF bank transfer
SEPA/SEPA instant
GBP bank transfer, PIX
Supported coins
Bitcoin (BTC)
2nd-factor address verification
Credit/debit card: 4.9%
Bank transfer: 1.5%