BitBox backup solutions

Boom, your wallet just broke. Are you 100% sure you can restore it? Tomorrow, next year, or 50 years from now?

Ultimate backup solution

Your wallet backup is precious and as important as your hardware wallet. It's the true long-term storage for your coins. Requirements vary, and this is why we have a whole range of backup solutions for your specific needs.

Why should I take care of my wallet backup?

There are two essential components to the security of your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies: your hardware wallet and your wallet backup.

  • A hardware wallet is built to physically protect your coins and allows you to access them safely at any time without exposing your private keys to an insecure platform.
  • The wallet backup secures your wallet long-term. You don't need to access it all the time. It has to be durable, compatible with industry standards, and above all, easy to restore.

Because backups are so important, it helps to understand the basics of how they work. Want to learn more and avoid the most common mistakes?

What do I need to keep my backup safe?

How you protect your backup depends on your specific needs, and this is why we offer a whole range of solutions to cover many possible scenarios, apocalypse included.

microSD card

Standard backup for the BitBox02: quick and reliable.

Redundancy is good practice: this is why we recommend using multiple microSD cards.

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Backup card

Professional, ageing-resistant card with lamination protection for your recovery words.

For long-term storage, a low-tech analog backup that works with any modern wallet makes for a great additional backup.

Backup card: print yourself

Free, basic option for your handwritten backup of any of your crypto wallets.

Simply print and fold this one-pager. It includes all essential instructions for backup and recovery.


Most durable backup, designed to survive pretty much anything.

Perfect if you think of Bitcoin as an investment for the future: this backup will be accessible by your loved ones for a very long time.

Tamper-evident security bags

Protection against undetected access and hidden tampering with your wallet backup.

Get additional peace of mind when storing your backup, and know for sure that nobody ever looked at your valuable backup, even in a decade.

Securing your backup: practical ways to do it

In addition to safely storing your backup, you can increase the backup's intrinsic security by applying some extra measures. This way your coins stay safe even if a thief would gain access to your backup.

Read our article below to learn more about established methods, their pros and cons, and how to use them securely to protect your backups.

When backup?

Make sure your backup is safe. Now.

Getting a new shiny hardware wallet is exciting; creating a proper backup not so much.

That's where our backup solutions can help you. We've built these products with years of experience providing safe yet simple to use tools for everyone.

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Your wallet backup is precious: it's the true long-term storage for your coins. Get your peace of mind, protect your backup easily and safely.

Ultimate backup bundle Save 10% on our Ultimate Backup bundle

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