Secure your future:
Bitcoin insurance with self-custody

When it comes to securing your bitcoin, technical solutions are not always enough.

Our partnership with Bitsurance introduces a robust safety net against a wide array of risks that are hard to protect against with technology alone. This ensures your coins remain secure, even under extreme circumstances, all while remaining in complete self custody.

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Extortion protection

Safeguard your investments against the unforeseen with coverage against burglary, robbery and extortion threats, also known as a “$5 wrench attack”.

Have peace of mind that you if push comes to shove, you can part with your precious bitcoin without endangering yourself, knowing it’s not the end of the world because Bitsurance got you covered.

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Disaster resilience

Nature can be unforgiving. Bitsurance also guards against a wide array of natural hazards like fire, flood, earthquakes, even volcanoes! It has you covered against natural disasters—insuring your BitBox and bitcoin from the elements.

Self custody preserved

Experience hassle-free insurance activation directly within our app, with:

  • Self sovereignty preserved: Your private keys stay yours alone; no sharing required, ensuring your information remains secure.

  • Unaltered firmware: Maintain your setup with confidence; our insurance requires no firmware updates or changes to your wallet.

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Affordable peace of mind

Access our comprehensive protection plans at competitive pricing, tailored to your needs.

Insure up to €100,000 for only €25/month.

Seamless integration

The insurance plan is an opt-in service that can be conveniently set up in the BitBoxApp.

The integration is designed to prioritize user privacy. No data communication occurs with Bitsurance unless the user actively chooses to sign up for the service.

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BitBox under Umbrella

Learn more about the insurance offering

For full details, read our comprehensive article about the insurance offering to understand the benefits and motivations of the service in detail.

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What does the partnership aim to achieve?

Introduce a Bitcoin self-custody insurance feature to address digital asset self-custody risks without sacrificing key ownership.

What risks does Bitsurance cover?

Coverage includes protection against robbery, burglary, vandalism, extortion, and destruction from fire, water, or natural disasters.

How does Bitsurance offer protection against the “$5 wrench attack”?

Provides comprehensive protection against non-technical risks, including physical threats like the “$5 wrench attack”.

Where is Bitsurance available?

Initially available in Germany, with plans to expand to Switzerland, Austria, and other parts of Europe.

What coins are covered?

Only Bitcoin is covered with the insurance plan.

What makes the Bitsurance integration unique?

It emphasizes user privacy and streamlines the insurance opt-in process without unnecessary data sharing.

Do I need to share my private keys with anyone to get insured?

No, the insurance does not require you to share your private keys with anyone, ensuring your bitcoin remain secure under your control.