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What is Bitcoin, and why is it important? How can you buy and hold it securely? Learn this and much more with our beginner's guide, the free "Bitcoin starter pack" ebook.

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The Bitcoin starter pack is your guide to getting started with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Why is Bitcoin important?

Bitcoin can change the world for the better. It is the people’s money because it’s neutral and open to anyone across any border.

Read on why Bitcoin is hope

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Why should I use a hardware wallet to keep my bitcoin safe?

A hardware wallet, also known as a cold wallet, is a dedicated device to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrency safe and usable. It has two main goals:

Keep your private keys safe from unauthorized access, never exposing them to a networked device.

Independently verify and explicitly show on its screen what the wallet is signing.

Learn more about security

How to buy bitcoin?

There are various ways to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

  • Use an online exchange to get the best exchange rate
  • Trade on a peer-to-peer exchange to buy anonymously
  • Buy regularly following the “Dollar Cost Average” (DCA) method
  • Earn it as income to acquire it privately over time

The Bitcoin starter pack goes into the pros and cons of each method.

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Withdraw your bitcoin from an exchange

Knowing how to withdraw your coins from an exchange is important for self-sovereignty.

Once your coins are withdrawn from an exchange to your cold wallet, such as the BitBox02 hardware wallet, you are in full control of your coins and no longer have the risk of keeping your coins on an exchange.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide

Backing up your bitcoin

Creating a backup of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most important things to do.

When using any wallet, such as a cold wallet, you will be presented with 12 or 24 recovery words to secure your private keys. These seed words give you access to your coins in case you lose access to your wallet.

Master your wallet backup

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Long-term bitcoin security

As a bitcoin and cryptocurrency user, you need to think about how to keep your coins safe in the long term. There are various cold storage solutions designed to keep your private keys and/or seed words safe in the long term.

In addition, a plan for inheritance needs to be made so your loved ones can access your coins. Instructions need to be made and passed on so your coins can be accessed in the future.

Learn how to set up your crypto inheritance

What is the BitBox02 and why is it important?

The BitBox02 hardware wallet is a cold wallet that keeps your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency private keys offline and lets you transact securely with your coins.

It is easy to use and a great option for beginners.

Check out why it’s the best choice for beginners

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The Bitcoin starter pack is your guide to getting started with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies